Till Next Time Tulum ☀️

Hey Guys!

I'm backkk...did you miss me 😜?!? So sorry for the delay in blog posts! I have been crazy busy getting all my St. Raine orders out for the holidays! I can not tell you all how thankful I am for all the support you have shown me this holiday season. I wish I could watch everyone open their St. Raine gifts on Christmas morning 😍...ahhh how cool would that be?!?...ok, well maybe a little creepy too 😂.

Ok, so here it is, the long over due Tulum post...

👉🏻 I am going to add photos at the end so if you aren't going to read all of my post, be sure you scroll to the end to see what all I talked about, it's ok, I can be a little ADD too 😜😘.

If you follow me on Instagram @strainejewelry then I'm sure you already saw my photos in Tulum but I figured a blog post was in store because, I just had the best time, you guys! We went over Thanksgiving and while it was a very untraditional Thanksgiving, it was by far the best one I've had yet! I went with my boyfriend (@rbailey61), brother (@samuel_strain) and mom (@kittystrain) to celebrate my moms birthday along with Thanksgiving, of course! 

My boyfriend and I went a couple days before and had the pleasure of staying at the Azuilk Resort (@azuliktulum). The goal of this resort is to be a place to go to disconnect from the world, in hopes to reconnect with yourself. It is basically the prettiest group of tree houses you can imagine sitting in-between the jungle and the ocean! Let me tell you...I have never stayed at a more magical place than this!

It was so gorgeous and basically any hippies paradise! (Oh, and I guess I should also add...for those of you who don't know me, I may not look like a hippy (all the time) but I absoluely am at heart 🌎✌🏻.)  

If you are heading to Tulum and don't know where to stay, I would definitely suggest Azuilk! There are a couple things you should be aware of before you book this hotel though...

There are no lights, just natural sunlight

There is just one electrical outlet to plug your devices into at night

There is no wifi except for in the common areas, which include the beach, restaurant and lobby

There is no shower, because apparently showers are for people who are in a rush/hurry 😳 Not sure what that says about America lol

Everywhere you go you are to be quiet

The beach is clothing optional

Personally I loved all of these things, maybe because it made it feel different than anywhere I've ever stayed, or maybe, because it truly forces you to disconnect with the outside world and reconnect with yourself! ✨

If you are not about that hippy kind of life, I would still suggest heading over to Azuilk for dinner and arriving before your reservation so you can check out the hotel! The restaurant has incredible food, fabulous service, great DJ and a very sexy ambiance. 

On our second day, before my mom and brother arrived, Robbie and I had the BEST couples massage EVER at the Azuilk Spa! It was 100% the best massage I've ever had in my life! It was such a treat! 💆🏼 Before the massage they did a "love ceremony" which later Robbie and I had a good laugh at, because, half way through the ceremony he turned to me and asked "this isn't a marriage ceremony is it?" 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 I dyed laughing and while he wasn't laughing at the time, we had a good laugh after the fact! So just FYI if you get the couples massage you will have a ceremony that will feel a lot like a marriage ceremony, that being said, probably not best to do with someone you are in a new relationship with lol. 

Once my brother and mom arrived we moved over to Papaya Playa Project which was more of a "happenin" hotel compared to the Azuilk, where you have to stay quiet everywhere you go. We had the best time together, y'all! The first day we just hung out since my mom and brother were a little tired from their journey over. Then the second day we took a private tour to the Centoes. OMG you guys!!!...If you don't do anything else in Tulum you have to do this! It was sooo incredible! We climbed into a underground cave and got to see all kinds of wildlife, rock formations, stalactites and then came into a gorgeous freshwater swimming hole. It was basically how I would imagine a mermaid cave to be! It was incredible and for sure makes the list of the top 10 things I've seen in my life! 

The next day, we enjoyed lots of pretty cocktails and walked around to all of the adorable shops in the town of Tulum. The town is so cute, it basically reminds me of Bali. Everyone is friendly (mainly visiting from New York or LA on vaca) lots of eco-friendly everything, vegan food, green juice, yoga ect. Basically, I could easily live there, well only if I could bring Riley, of course! 💁🏼🐶

Another highlight of the trip was the last night we were all together, there was a big party at Papaya Playa Project! Apparently they have huge parties every Saturday night and even bigger ones if there's a full moon! Well this particular Saturday night the theme of the party was "cats", there were hundreds and hundreds of people dressed up as...cats! I know your probably thinking that sounds so strange, which it was, buttt incase you missed the beginning part of this post where I added my moms IG...her name is Kitty! So naturally, we came to the conclusion that all the people of Tulum musta known we were celebrating her birthday, therefore they all showed u dressed as cats! 😜 We had the best table in the house, (Thanks to Robbie!) because after all, we were celebrating one of the best humans on this planet, we had an incredible time and danced the night away to the awesome DJ! 

On Sunday morning, my mom and brother got up and left and Robbie and I stayed and headed over to Casa Malca. Which if you haven't been to Tulum you probably don't know, it is the former home of Pablo Escobar! Oh and if you watched Narcos, like me, it makes it that much cooler of a hotel 😜. 

Casa Malca was amazing, it was the most upscale of the three hotels we stayed at in Tulum. It kind of reminded me of a Hotel ZaZa. It is a boutique art hotel and the art inside the hotel is ever changing. Most of the art is really pretty funky but if your into that kind of thing, it's really pretty cool! 

Personally I would have to say if you are going to Tulum you have to stay at Azuilk Resort first and then end your trip at Casa Malca for a more comfortable "bougie" stay, but don't forget the Saturday night party at Papaya Playa Project! 

I could have stayed much longer in Tulum and I would have to say it is by far my favorite place in Mexico! I can't imagine traveling to a Cabo or Cancun after experiencing Tulum. If you haven't been I highly suggest it and whatever you do don't forget to go to the Centoes! 

Ok now for the fun part...the pics! Enjoy!