NYC is always a good idea

Hey Guys! 

I had the best time in New York this past week! I went for a friends birthday and we ended up making a little mini vacation out of it! I had a couple people on Snapchat (👻: sarahestrain) ask me to do a blog post on my guide to NYC and I thought that was such a great idea! The only problem is, there is literally a million things to do and places to go in NYC so I am just going to highlight a few for you.

Before I start I will have to say this wouldn't be a first timers guide. If you haven't done any of the touristy things yet in NY you absolutely have to do those as well! 

A few suggestions on food:

All the food in NY is incredible, it seems like every corner has amazing delis and incredible restaurants! Here's a few to add to your list the next time your in town...

  • For the prettiest cocktails and gorgeous brunch spread check out @whilewewereyoungnyc
  • The cutest little French bakery with amazing coffee @_mamannyc_
  • For your sweet tooth @blacktapnyc or of course the famous @serendipity3nyc (this was my favorite as a little girl) 
  • If you like the color pink (like me) you'll want to check out @pietronolita and be sure to take a cute pic! 
Morning fuel before the shopping began! 

Morning fuel before the shopping began! 


On Saturday night, we went to @catch for dinner, this is great place to start your evening before heading out on the town. They have incredible food, cocktails and pretty people!

After dinner we headed to @1oaknyc and danced the night away! It seems like the past few times I've come to New York we either end up at 1 Oak or @lavony, beware Lavo gets a little crazy...and by a little I mean a lot!  

Me and  @ladymortazavi  on our way to 1 Oak 

Me and @ladymortazavi on our way to 1 Oak 

If your looking for more of a refined/ "boujee" time head over to the top of the Standard Hotel for a glass of champs! There you will find a fantastic view and you might even spot a couple celebrities sipping their overpriced (but ridiculously good) cocktails 😜. One thing I will say about the Standard is the people who work the door can be a little tough sometimes...basically, I suggest you dress the part and look like you are someone, that is, if your not already. ðŸ˜œðŸ’ðŸ¼

Please keep in mind, I do not live in New York...that being said, I know the nightlife scene for locals can be totally different, but for the past couple years these places have been me and my friends go-to's. If you really want the "plug" on the NYC nightlife scene hit up one of my besties from college @roxyinthecity she works for a PR company and is always in the know of the hottest places! 

Fun Fall things to do in NYC: 

On Sunday, me and one of my besties (@ashtonverrengia) had a glass of wine at @tavernonthegreen and walked around Central Park which was so nice! The leaves had just started changing and in a couple weeks they will look something like the picture below 😍. Talk about getting in the fall spirit! 


Our walk in Central Park ended at @theplazahotel  (the most legendary hotel in NYC) where we had some amazing decaf floral tea. If you haven't been to The Plaza Hotel you have to check it out! It is one of the prettiest hotels I have ever been to and it's open to the public!

We also did some shopping on Fifth Avenue. I love walking around and checking out all the high end shops there, they usually have a much better selection than what we have in Houston. Surprisingly I didn't buy anything, mainly because all the stores where jam-packed, you could hardly get a sales associate to help you even if you wanted to make a huge purchase! 🙄

After a long day of shopping and walking around one of my favorite things to do in NY is get a foot massage! I know this might sound strange but they have some of the best places to get massages! You can walk in, without an appointment, and leave feeling like a new person for approximately $27 a hour! Such a steal! 

On Monday, my boyfriend and I had the best "date day". We were staying in TriBeCa and walked over to Grand Banks for lunch. I was extremely impressed with Grand Banks, it is such a cute restaurant on the water (it's on a boat!) over looking the Statue of Liberty. They have incredible oysters and everything on the menu was amazing! 


After our lunch and a couple glasses of wine we headed to One World Observatory - at the World Trade Center which was a really neat experience! I thought it might be sad but it wasn't at all! We went on the tour which included history on the World Trade Center and an overview of how they built the building. The tour ended on the 102nd floor with another incredible view of the city! 

Fun Fact: This was actually the second time in the past few months Robbie and I had a fabulous time on the 102nd floor of different buildings together! The first time was in Hong Kong this summer, at the top of the Ritz! 


We then got up supper early on Tuesday morning and headed back to Houston. I am now just trying to catch up on my jewelry orders and getting ready for Halloween! 👻

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! I would love to hear from you all if you have any suggestions for me the next time I'm in the city! 

Much love! 

Me and  @ashtonverrengia  at her place in TriBeCa it is so stunning, y'all! 

Me and @ashtonverrengia at her place in TriBeCa it is so stunning, y'all! 

Straight from the Snap! In the Taxi headed to dinner on Friday night. Sorry the quality of these pics isn't that great I'll try to take better ones next time I'm out! xoxo love y'all! 

Straight from the Snap! In the Taxi headed to dinner on Friday night. Sorry the quality of these pics isn't that great I'll try to take better ones next time I'm out! xoxo love y'all!